Basic Mandarin Chinese tutoring for business or travel

I can teach the basic concepts of spoken chinese (Mandarin) and written Chinese (Simplified Characters and pinyin). I am particularly interested in preparing business people for travel in China.

Targeted Mandarin Chinese phrases and Simplified Chinese characters for professionals working in China

I can prepare job specific vocabulary for business people travelling to China for business, or working in China (eg. Chinese technical vocabulary; ability to read safety signs.)

English pronunciation coaching for Mandarin speakers

I can find sounds in the Chinese phonetic system of pinyin to help Mandarin Chinese speakers with their English pronunciation.

Targeted English tutoring for Chinese university students

I can help Chinese university students, particularly engineering students, with their English vocabulary by providing word lists in English, Simplified Chinese and pinyin, to ensure an exact understanding concepts.

English pronunciation coaching for oral presentations

I can help Chinese university students or professionals prepare for their oral presenations at university, work or international conferences, and improve the clarity of their spoken English.